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What can I expect on my first visit?

During your first visit, initial paperwork will be filled out for our records.  These forms are available below if you wish to fill these out ahead of time.  We also request that you please bring a photo ID and a credit card that we can keep on file.

How long are sessions?

Sessions can last anywhere form 15-45 minutes.  Please see our services for information

What are your rates?

-Initial evaluations include an in-person visit with you and your child to assess their speech and language abilities. This is a play-based session to allow your child to become comfortable with their therapist and give the most accurate and robust picture of their speech possible. Please note that this session may be audio and video recorded on a secure device in order to fully analyze your child's speech to make the best recommendation for them.  After the session, a report will be generated that will include findings and recommendations from the session.  We will then contact you to schedule a follow-up online video conference to review this and collaborate on the next steps for you and your child.  

Evaluation, report with analysis and recommendations, and follow up meeting is $380.

*Please note that the results and recommendations from the assessment may take up to a week to complete and you may be provided with a copy for no cost if requested.

-Standard speech therapy sessions are $90/session and last 30-45 minutes depending on your childs needs and attention span

-Quick artic sessions are $60 for up to 20 minutes and are ideal for younger children with very short attention spans to target specific speech sounds.

Do you take insurance?

At this time we are not in network with any insurance companies and therefore are private pay only, though it is possible to be reimbursed by insurance.  You will receive a "superbill" for each session that you may submit to insurance for reimbursement.  Please contact us if you have questions about this

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