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Credit Card Processing with Ivy Pay

As a payment option for our sessions, you may keep a credit card on file with us via Ivy Pay, a secure, HIPAA-compliant credit card payment system designed specifically for therapists and their clients.

​IVY Pay works with your debit card, credit card, HSA or FSA account.

 Ivy Pay has a few benefits:

  • You can pay for sessions without swiping a card at each appointment

  • The service is secure and compliant with HIPAA standards for client confidentiality

  • Your credit card information is stored with Ivy Pay, not in our files or other records; we do not have access to your stored credit card information

  • You would be able to review past charges and payments in a text message thread

The service works simply:

  1. You provide a phone number when you schedule your evaluation online, which I enter into an app along with a charge for the session fee on the date of evaluation

  2. Ivy Pay texts you a secure link leading to a page where you enter your credit card information and approve the first charge

  3. After future sessions, I use Ivy Pay to charge the stored card; the app sends you a text informing you that I’ve done so

You will only be asked to enter your credit card information once (unless you need or wish to change the card), and you do not need to download an app or regularly interact with Ivy Pay.

You will continue to have the option to pay via other methods if you’d rather not store a card with Ivy Pay, and can change or remove your credit card at any time.

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